My current bands.

great unwashed luminaries: My Berlin School-inspired electronic project.
The World Leaders: My indie rock solo project.

Recent bands

Before the Mast: College Station, TX's answer to The Jesus Lizard, as awesome as it was short-lived.
Argo: Seattle's indie-pop darlings.
Daughters of Joy: Indie rock, jazz, name it, DoJ has it.
The Capillaries: Intelligent power pop.
Vegas In Flames: Post-punk atmosphere, pop smarts.
Hailee: Seattle's finest hard rawk band for the nine months it was around.
Victory Lap: Two years, a record deal, good songs. The usual band BS brought it down.
Levi Fuller & The Library: Indie rock flavored by American gothic & Americana.
The Luna Moth: Post-rock garage trance.

Bands From a Former Life

These are the all the bands I played with that I can remember. I have since retired from playing in bands and now perform as a singer/songwriter with The World Leaders or with my electronica project great unwashed luminaries.

Mental Masturbation (1990) – Nashville, TN Brian Zonn (vox/guitar); Alanna Rocklin (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Primal Urge (1990-1991) – Nashville, TN Jason Krekel (guitar); Jason Doggett (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

K.N.O.T. (1991) – Owensboro, KY John Byrne (vox/keys); John ? (guitar); Will Bridewell (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Skullywonka / Smaug (1991-1992) - Owensboro, KY Sheridan Kenny (vox, guitar); Derek Schartung (guitar); Jeremy Young (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Ashes To Ashes (1991-1994) – Owensboro, KY Mike Hagerman (vox/guitar/keys); Brian Snyder (vox/bass); Elvis ? (guitar); David ? (guitar); Mark ? (guitar/vox); Matt Gray (keys/vox); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Digging Judy / Glue (1992) – Owensboro, KY Derek Schartung (guitar/vox); Aaron May (vox/bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

120 Days (1992-1993) – Owensboro, KY Sherry Grant (vox/guitar/keys); Josh Wardrip (guitar); Aaron May (bass;) Jeremy Young (bass/tapes); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Thingfish (1993) – Owensboro, KY Josh Wardrip (guitar); John Atkinson (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Griswald (1993) – Owensboro, KY Brian ? (vox); Check Ray (guitar); Bill Sewell (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

The Dashing Skull Club (1994) – Owensboro, KY Jeff Vineyard (vox); Todd Maszaros (guitar); Larry Cook (guitar); Beetle (bass); Cody Yeiser (congas/trombone); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Gepetto’s Fetish (1994) – Owensboro, KY Christian Davis (vox/guitar); Aaron King (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Other People (1994) – Bowling Green, KY Drew Brown (vox/guitar); Kelly Salmon (guitar); Chris Knox (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Public Opinion (1994) – Bowling Green, KY I don’t remember the guys’ names

The Guild (1995) – Bowling Green, KY Adam Pawlowski (vox/guitar); Dan Dilamarter (vox/guitar); Patrick O’Rourke (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Blue Harvest (1995) – Bowling Green, KY Jamie ? (vox/bass); someone on guitar; Kelly Minnis (drums)

Life O’Reilly (1995-1996) – Bowling Green, KY Dan Dilamarter (vox/guitar); Patrick O’Rourke (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

See Rock City (1996-1997) – Bowling Green, KY Jason Clark (vox/guitar); Troy Brown (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums/vox)

Vast Massive Satellite (1997-????) – The U.S. Postal Service Jason Clark (vox/guitar/bass/keys/programming); Marigold Clark (vox/bass/clarinet); Kelly Minnis (vox/guitar/bass/keys/drums/programming)

Dorothy and the Tin Men (1998) – Grants Pass, OR I don’t remember the band members’ names. Girl singer; bass-playing husband; keyboard- playing dad and me

Victory Lap (1999-2001) – Seattle, WA Mike Collins (vox/guitars); Pete Hilgendorf (guitar/vox); Beaux Bartron (guitar/vox); Dan Leary (bass); Rob Baughman (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums/vox)

The Daughters of Joy (1999-2004) – Seattle, WA Brenda Scallon (vox/guitar); Kelly Minnis (drums); and whoever else showed up!

Steprocket (2000) – Seattle, WA Chris Gillette (vox/guitar); Dan Cohen (guitar); Jon Croft (guitar); Richard ? (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums/vox)

Hailee (2001-2002) – Seattle, WA Chris Gillette (vox/guitar); Jon Croft (guitar); Dan Leary (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums/ vox)

Vegas In Flames (2001-2003) – Seattle, WA Jon Croft (vox/guitar); Heather Croft (vox/guitar); Art? (bass); Mark Schlipper (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums/vox)

The Capillaries (2003) – Seattle, WA Matt Southworth (vox/guitar); Jon Wooster (bass/vox); Kelly Minnis (drums/vox)

The Luna Moth (2003-2006) – Seattle, WA Mark Schlipper (guitar/vox); Levi Fuller (bass/banjo/saw/vox); Kelly Minnis (drums/keys/ vox)

Levi Fuller & The Library (2004-2006) Levi Fuller (vox/guitar); Gavin Gregory (keyboards, vox); James Nixon (bass); Kelly Minnis (drums)

Argo (2005-2008) Justin (vox/guitar); Matt (guitar/keys/vox); Jon Wooster (bass/vox); Kelly Minnis (occasional drummer)

The Ravines (2007-?) John Krajicek (vox/guitar); Mike Bender (bass); me (drums)

Before The Mast (2008) David Johnson (vox/guitar); Matt Shea (bass); me (drums)

The Ex-Optimists (2008-present) Kelly Minnis (vox/guitar); Michael Scarborough (guitar); Jessica Kempen (drums)

Magic Girl (2008-present) Mary Charlotte Young (vocals/acoustic guitar); Michael Scarborough (electric guitar); Marty Duram (fretless bass); me (drums)

1. 1960’s Slingerlands in yellow agate wrap 1991-1992 (13/16/20). No bottom heads and the floor tom was out of round. These drums were awful, but everyone's gotta start somehow.
2. 1960’S Sonor Internationals in blue/green satin wrap 1992-1995 (13/16/20). No bottom heads on the toms. Tubby and boomy. Would love to have these back someday.
3. 1960’s Rogers in red agate wrap 1994 (12/14/18). No bottom heads on the toms and the wrap was cracking.
4. 1980’s Yamaha Stage Customs in black wrap 1995-2000 (13/14/16/18/24). Sold the 14 and 18 to my friend Cody. My first semi-professional kit.
5. 1990’s Yamaha Maple Customs in turquoise lacquer 2000-2001(10/12/13/16/22). My first professional kit. Purchased from Darius Minwalla, drummer for The Posies and Jon Auer. The toms were fantastic but the kick was kinda boring.
6. 1990’s Fibes maple in turquoise sparkle wrap 2001-2007 (12/13/16/24 & matching snare). Purchased from Mike Derosier, former drummer for Heart. Best drums I've ever owned. Toms were really full and throaty, kick drum was really wild and boomy (though the kick didn't record very well).
8. 1990’s Pearl BRX’s in black lacquer 2003-2004 (12/15/18). Kit was assembled from orphaned toms. My first second kit, meaning I used it for quieter gigs and left the loud ones at home. They was too quiet though.
9. 1980’s Yamaha Tour Customs in black wrap 2007-present (12/13/16/20). Downsized from the Fibes due to decrease in playing time. The 25+ year old combo of birch and mahogany is really full with lots of low end but punchy too. Really liking these drums.

1. 1990’s Mapex steel 13x4 (1991-1992). Given to me by my big brother. Traded for #2.
2. 1960’s Apollo mahogany 14x6.5 w/rings (1992-1993). Like a dummy, I put a Kevlar head on it. When I broke the Falams head it cracked the drum shell.
3. 1990’s Pearl brass 13x3 (1993-1994). Tired of having to mail-order piccolo parts so I traded it for #4.
4. 1970’s Ludwig Acrolite aluminum 14x5 (1994). Traded for #5.
5. 1960’s Ludwig Supraphonic aluminum 14x6.5 (1994-2000). My biggest drum regret is selling this snare. But the tension rods backed out like crazy and I thought I wanted brass.
6. 1990’s Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 14x6 in plum lacquer (2000-2001).
7. 2000’s Pearl Sensitone brass 14x5.5 (2001-2002).
8. 1980’s Pearl Freefloater maple 14x8 (2001-2005). I miss this drum. Affectionately nicknamed "The Terminator."
9. 1990’s Fibes maple 14x5 in turquoise sparkle wrap (2002-2005).
10. 1990’s Pearl Sensitone brass 14x6.5 (2003-2004).
11. 2000’s Ludwig Supraphonic aluminum 14x5.5 (2004-2004).
12. 1990’s Ludwig Acrolite “blacrolite” aluminum 14x5 (2005-present).
13. 1950’s WFL mahogany marching snare 15x12 (2005).
14. 1970's Ludwig maple marching snare 14x10 (2007).

1. 1980’s 20” Zildjian Scimitar ride (1991-1992).
2. 1980’s 20” Zildjian A orchestral suspended cymbal (1992-1993).
3. 1970’s 20” Zildjian A medium ride (1993-2000). Keyholed then broken.
4. 2000’s 20” Zildjian A Custom projection ride (2000-2002). Broken.
5. 1990’s 20” Zildjian K heavy ride (2002-2004).
6. 2000’s 20” Fissaggi Artist Series ride (2003-2008). Broken.
7. 2000’s 22” Keplinger Ride of Doom (2004).
8. 2000's 20" Sabian HH Symphonic medium heavy ride (2008-present).
1. 1980’s 16” Zildjian Scimitar crash (1991-1992).
2. 1980’s 18” Camber crash/ride w/rivets (1991-1992). Broken, or rather splintered into bits.
3. 2 1980’s 16” Zildjian marching crashes (1991-1992).
4. 1990’s 18” Sabian AA medium crash (1992-2000). Broken.
5. 1970’s 16” Zildjian A medium crash (1996-1998).
6. 1970’s 20” Zildjian A crash/ride (1998-2001).
7. 2000’s 18” Sabian AA medium crash (2000-2002). Broken.
8. 1990’s 17” Sabian AA medium crash (2002).
9. 2000’s 18” Zildjian K Custom dark crash (2002-2003).
10. 1990’s 18” Zildjian K dark crash thin (2003-present).
11. 1990’s 19” Istanbul rock crash (2003-2004).
12. 2000’s 19” Wuhan S series crash (2004).
13. 2000’s 18” Stagg medium crash (2004-2006).
14. 1990's 17" Zildjian K dark crash thin (2006-2007).
15. 2000's 18" Dream Bliss crash/ride (2007-present).
1. 1980’s 14” Camber medium hats (1991-1992). Broken, or rather splintered into bits.
2. 1980’s 16” Sabian AA rock hats (1992).
3. 1970’s 14” Zildjian A new beat hats (1992-1994).
4. 1990’s 14” Zildjian A quick beat hats (1994-2000). Top hat broken.
5. 1990’s 13” Zildjian K/Z hats (2000-2004).
6. 2000’s 13” Sabian HHX groove hats (2004-present).
1. 1990’s 10” Zildjian A splash (1995-1996).
2. 1980’s 18” Sabian B8Pro china (1995-1996).

1. mahogany 1980’s Oscar Schmidt acoustic (1995-2005).
2. white 1990’s Epiphone SG G-400 (1999-2000).
3. cherry 1960’s Japanese Les Paul Junior copy (2000-2001).
4. black 1970’s Gibson S-1 (2000-2001).
5. blue 1994 US-made Fender Telecaster (2001-2005).
6. black sparkle Danelectro Hodad (2004).
7. white 1993 Mexican-made Squier Stratocaster (2006-2007).
8. red 1993 Mexican-made Fender Telecaster (2006-present).
9. mahogany fade 1970's Japanese SG copy (2008-present)
1. 1970’s Mesa Boogie “Son of Boogie” 1x12 60w combo (1998-2000).
2. 1990’s Line 6 “the Pod” amp simulator (2001-present).
3. 2000’s Little Smokies practice amp (2002-2003).
4. 2000’s Kustom Tube 12 1x8 15w combo (2004).
5. Epiphone Electar 1x8 10w tube combo (2005-2007).
6. Raven 1x12 10w tube combo (2005).
7. 1980's Fender Sidekick 20R 1x10 solid state combo (2006-2007).
8. 1970's Randall RG-60 1x12 60w solid state combo (2008-present)

1. 1980’s Casio SA-2 duophonic wavetable synthesizer (2000-2005).
2. 1980’s Casio SK-1 polyphonic PCM/sampling synthesizer (2000-2005).
3. 1980’s Casio MT-240 polyphonic PCM synthesizer (2004-2005).
4. Roland Alpha Juno 1 analog polysynth (2004-present).
5. 1990’s E-Mu Vintage Keys Pro synthesizer module (2004-present).
6. 2000’s MFB Synth Lite MIDI digital monosynth module (2004-2008).
7. 1980’s Akai AX-60 analog polysynth (2004).
8. Red Sound Darkstar XP2 virtual analog synthesizer module (2004).
9. Oberheim Matrix-1000 analog polysynth module (2005-present).
10. Realistic/Moog Concertmate MG-1 analog monosynth (2005-2006).
11. Roland JX-3P analog polysynth (2005).
12. Alesis Micron virtual analog synthesizer (2005-2007).
13. Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer module (2006).
14. Yamaha CS01 analog monosynth (2006).
15. Roland MKS-50 analog polysynth module (2006).
16. Roland HS-60 analog polysynth (2006-2007).
17. Novation BS-1 Bass Station analog monosynth (2006-2007).
18. Moog Source analog monosynth (2006-present).
19. Crumar CBP-1 analog monosynth bass pedal (2006-2007).
20. Korg MicroKorg virtual analog polysynth (2006-2007).
21. Casio PT-10 analog hybrid monosynth (2007-present).
22. Roland HS-10 analog polysynth (2007).
23. Technosaurus Microcon analog monosynth module (2007).
24. Casio SA-1 duophonic wavetable synthesizer (2007)
25. Alesis Ion virtual analog synthesizer (2008-present)
1. Propellerhead Rebirth drum machine/bassline emulator 1.0 (2003-present; upgraded to 2.0).
2. Propellerhead Reason (2003-present; upgraded to 2.5) + tons of refills & samples packs.
3. Arturia MiniMoogV virtual analog synthesizer (2005-present).
4. Arturia CS-80V virtual analog synthesizer (2005-present).
5. Native Instruments FM7 FM synthesizer (2006-present) + thousands of sysex patches.
6. Spectrasonics Atmosphere (2006-present).
7. Native Instruments Pro53 virtual analog synthesizer (2006-present).
8. Arturia Moog Modular V virtual analog synthesizer (2007-present).
Too many free VSTi's to mention.

1. Zoom 505 multi-FX pedal (1999-2000).
2. Russian-made Electro Harmonix Big Muff distortion pedal (2004-2005).
3. Boss DS-1 distortion pedal (2004-present).
4. Boss MT-2 Heavy Metal distortion pedal (2004-2005).
5. US-made Electro Harmonix Small Stone phaser pedal (2005).
6. Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024 multi-FX unit (2005-2006).
7. Alesis ModFX Bitrman distortion/phaser/compression/digital FX unit (2005-present).
8. Alesis ModFX Philtre filter module (2005).
9. Line 6 Echo Park delay pedal (2005-present).
10. Boss OD-1 overdrive pedal (2006).
11. MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal (2006).
12. Alesis Ineko multi-FX module (2006-present).
13. Frostwave Resonator analog filter pedal (2006-2007).
14 Alesis Faze stereo phaser module (2007).
15. Behringer BR-808 overdrive pedal (2008-present)
16. Fender Starcaster chorus pedal (2008-present)

1. black 1960’s Fender Musicmaster bass (2003-present)

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