Daughters of Joy

The Daughters of Joy are Brenda Scallon and whoever shows up to play 
with her!  Brenda's band is a kind of art project.  She plays with 
whomever shows up for practice and shows and is a free spirit about 
maintaining a band.  I'd played with her off-and-on since moving to 
the Seattle area.  Jon Ulrigg played bass with us for my first year 
in the band.  Most recently the DOJ included Brenda's husband Tim on 
bass, sometimes substituted for Melynn and a horn section.  Brenda's 
voice is a lot like Chrissy Hynde's but her songwriting is really all 
over the place.  Funky, rock, folky, jazzy, and sometimes all the 
above in the space of a three-minute song.  B remains easily one of 
the most creative individuals I've ever known and I love her.

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