Great Unwashed Luminaries

I grew up as a true child of the 1980's.  I am fascinated with
synthesizers and music created 100% electronically.  Must be the
thousand or so times I've heard "Tom Sawyer" from the great prog-pop
band Rush.  Or maybe all the '70s prog-rock I love like Yes, ELP and
Genesis.  Or all the great synth-pop of the '80s.  All I remember is
that sometime in 1983 my big brother borrowed Kraftwerk's 
Trans-Europe Express album from the library and that record 
scared me to death.  For weeks afterward I'd have to sleep with the 
closet door open.  I thought the "Hall of Mirrors" was inside the 
closet waiting to swallow me whole!

Great Unwashed Luminaries is my electronica side project.  I create 
music with a combination of laptops, software and analog 
synthesizers.  The music is influenced by the vintage German  
electronic minimalism of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel,
Cluster, Richard Pinhas and Klaus Schulze.  

You can keep up-to-date on GUL's live shows and link to mp3's below.

Great Unwashed Luminaries

Great Unwashed Luminaries at MySpace: You can stream and download MP3's of Great Unwashed Luminaries from here.

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