In early 2000, my former band Victory Lap played a show at the 
Crocodile Cafe with an artist named Chris Gillette, who had a rock-
charged country sound. We played several shows opening for Chris's 
band. As a result we bacame friendly with one another. A chance 
meeting with Chris's guitarist Jon Croft in the summer of 2000 led to
my involvement as Chris's drummer, though Chris Gillette had then
become Steprocket. I played in Steprocket for about four months and
then left with the birth and subsequent death of my first son.

Victory Lap broke up in March 2001 and everyone went their separate
ways. In June, Steprocket broke up and I got a call from Jon and 
Chris. They wanted to form a more raucous take on redneck rock, like
AC/DC and Skynyrd. I signed on and brought VLap's bassist Dan Leary
with me. We formed Hailee. In early 2002, Chris Gillette left the band
to move to Montana with his girlfriend. Dan, Jon and I tried out a few
singers with no results so we let Hailee drift away. 

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