Who or what is Redchapterjubilee?

I am Redchapterjubilee, born Kelly Minnis on February 6th, 1975 in Owensboro, Kentucky. I grew up mainly in and around Owensboro with several of my teen years spent in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

After graduating from Apollo High School in Owensboro in 1993, I attended college on scholarship at Brescia University, a small Catholic college, in Owensboro for one year. I finished college at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, where I graduated in 1997 with a double-degree in writing and radio broadcasting.

While at WKU I met my wife, the former Sarah Hovde. We were married in the summer of 1997. After our wedding we moved to Ashland, Oregon. Whilst there, I worked for Jefferson Public Radio as a morning news anchor and talk show producer. In December of '98 we moved to Seattle.

In January 1999 I got on with KVI 570 as a board operator. By June I had become a talk show producer and the assistant music director for sister station Star 101.5. I worked there until November 2005. For about 18 months I also moonlit as a music editor for Amazon.com. For the first four months of 2006 I worked with The Delilah Show, a nationally-syndicated dedications program. I left the radio business in 2006.

In April of 2006 we moved away from the Seattle area. The many layoffs my wife and I have had since 2000 finally took its toll and we moved to College Station, TX. Both Sarah and I are employed at Texas A&M University (Sarah with Mays Business School and me with the Mathematics department).

We have had three children. Our first, George Munro, was stillborn 10 days before his due date on October 19, 2000. We have since had two other children, Declan Christopher (5) and Rowan Benjamin (3).

On this site you'll find information about my handful of hobbies:

  1. writing, playing and recording music by myself or with my various groups;
  2. the instruments I use or obsess over in my music making;
  3. my sideline as a freelance music journalist; and my bootleg recording trading.

Oh, and what the heck does redchapterjubilee mean? I needed a Yahoo email address eleven years ago and couldn't register my name so I picked up the closest thing to me at the time, a vinyl copy of Patsy Cline's greatest hits. I picked out three words at random from the liner notes on the back of the sleeve, Red Chapter Jubilee. Voila.

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