The World Leaders

Drummers get really bored at band practice sometimes. Especially when
the guitar players argue about songwriting, need to change strings,
tune, etc. So it's inevitable that a drummer will eventually pick up
a geeetar or a bass and start fooling around. That fooling around 
eventually became writing songs and attempting to sing them.

In the bands I've been in over the years there is often not enough 
room for all of the songs I wrote and often my songs just didn't fit
with the band so...the World Leaders came into existance. The World 
Leaders is essentially me and my computer. I play all the instruments 
myself (usually poorly) but sometimes have friends send me their parts
through the internet. 

The World Leaders have two album (1999's "The Photographer" and 2006's
"Never Say No") and two EP's (2001's "To Love and To Lose" and 2004's
"Only Love Can Save Your Life,") and work has begun on a third album. 

I am in the process of rehearsing my songs for performance as a solo 
singer-songwriter sort of thing to support my recordings. 

Free EP

I began playing drums 18 years ago but ten years ago I began playing 
other instruments and writing original songs. My oldest brother Chris 
has played drums for more than 25 years. It is amazing that Chris and 
I have never collaborated with one another before. Until now. I 
present to you a Christmas single from The World Leaders, featuring 
Chris Minnis on the drums and me on everything else.

These songs were written for a Christmas record project I was suppose 
to participate in with Chris and some of his friends. I was ill and 
couldn't make the date. So I recorded skeletal demos of the songs at 
home then emailed them to Chris in Nashville. He added his drum parts 
in his home studio then emailed them back. Enjoy!

The Reason For the Season EP

The World Leaders - Christmas Calling:
The World Leaders - Snow:

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