Vast Massive Satellite

A long time ago in a galaxy known today as Bowling Green, Kentucky,
two like-minded individuals, dare I say soulmates, met each other at
Western Kentucky University through a mutual friend. Jason Clark, 
songwriter/vocalist/guitarist in a group called See Rock City, was 
looking to replace his drummer. The drummer was adequate but not 
really into the music the band was playing nor all the music Jason was

Enter me, Kelly Minnis. I was a slightly more-than-adequate drummer
and, most importantly, Jay and I agreed musically. The old drummer was
jettisoned and I, Jay and his old pal Troy Brown emerged as See Rock
City reborne. In 15 months we wrote and recorded three albums, 1996's
self-titled album, and 1997's Eiffel Towering Inferno and 
double album Modern Angel Mascot. In May 1997, I left Bowling 
Green to move to the west coast to get married and go to work. Jay 
stayed in Bowling Green.  1998 saw a posthumous release of leftovers 
from SRC entitled 20,000 Leagues Under Me. There were three 
key ingredients to See Rock City's sound:
1. Jason pushed his Tascam four-track cassette recorder to its very
limits, coaxing an ultracompressed, tape-saturated rock sound. With a
limited number of tracks and analog technology, the SRC albums had a
definitive sound that was able to heighten the high energy rockunroll
contained on those master cassettes.
2. Kelly began writing songs and playing guitar with much
encouragement from Jason and inspiration derived from other drummers-
turned-songwriters like Dave Grohl, J Mascis and Lenny Kravitz. To
record these songs I began using the then-new Akai hard disk recorder
to forge drum loops for my recordings and subsequently Jay's songs 
3. Although, with Troy on bass SRC was a live band (though everyone in
neo-hippy Bowling Green hated our loud power pop) Jason and I evolved
into recording the songs as a duo, my guitar and drums, his guitar and
bass, sometimes drum machines and loops. By the time I moved away, SRC
was really just Jay and I.

When I moved away, See Rock City dissolved. Instead of just remaining 
good penpals, Jay and I decided to be a good penpal band. Under the
name Vast Massive Satellite, Jay and I began recording albums through
the mail. From 1997's Patron Saint Strike through 1998's 
Planetarium, 1999's Bend Sinister, 2000's Over In the
Infinite and 2001's roBot, VMS were then reunited by 
geography and began doing it live with the addition of Jason's wife 
Marigold on vocals.  VMS became the culmination of the rock that Jay 
and I did together with SRC with a new emphasis on subtlety and 
texture.  We released a new album and EP in early 2007.  Then I blew
it all up by quitting.  Why?  I'd had my fill of being in a band.  I
realized I'd just spent the past 20 years always in someone else's 
band.  So I struck out on my own.

Vast Massive Satellite

Jason L. Clark: Jason posts new MP3's of VMS and solo material here periodically.

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